OmniClinic was developed by iLabs Medical LLC, a healthcare software design and development studio. OmniClinic is marketed by Smart Source LLC, whose healthcare divsion also owns and markets the HandHolder™ software for hospitals.





Our partnership represents two best of breed offerings to the fastest growing industry in America. As partners, iLabs Medical will continue to grow and enhance the technology products available to healthcare while Smart Source focuses on getting the products and services to market through their network of skilled sales professionals already working successfully in the healthcare industry.

Level I and II support is provided by Smart Source's experienced customer satisfaction specialists. Level III support is provided by iLabs Medical LLC developers.

This unique partnership will showcase the best entrepreneurial spirit with affordable, leading edge technology solutions for an industry struggling to deal with financial pressures. “As healthcare in America tries to adopt business intelligence solutions and reduce costs while improving patient engagement and satisfaction, the emphasis will necessarily focus on affordable technology solutions,” says Barbara McLaughlin, Director of Sales and Marketing. “Facilitating the flow of accurate and secure health information to the right people at the right time, in a convenient, easy to use way has been the core of our business strategy from the very beginning. This partnership will allow both companies to grow and prosper while bringing outstanding solutions to some of the most perplexing problems of healthcare today.” Clear, concise, and specific data at your fingertips is what everyone wants and needs in order to operate efficiently in our fast paced world. This holds true for healthcare even more today than at any other time. As health organizations come together to form ACO’s, it will become increasingly important for health professionals as well as patients to have access to the right information easily and quickly. This partnership will accomplish all of this and more. As with all our solutions, OmniClinic will work across multiple software platforms and operating systems. Developed BY Doctors FOR Doctors, this can substantially change the delivery of quality care to patients.