Physicians and hospitals miss an important opportunity to provide instant mobile access to EHR data. Notifications about admissions, discharges or other critical events affecting the care of the patient are difficult to deliver to referring clinicians. Discharge summaries often arrive late. Test results remain within information silos and doctors, not being able to quickly find out if or when tests were done, order duplicate tests, which drives up costs.

Healthcare providers have an equally hard time engaging patients after they leave the hospital or the office. Clinical studies have shown that communicating with patients after they leave the hospital by sending them medication and appointment reminders, as well as other disease information, can help them remain in compliance with treatments. This has been shown to reduce readmissions, another cost driver in healthcare.

New product development in the enterprise EHR arena is focused on satisfying the regulatory requirements of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, rather than simple innovations that improve clinicians' productivity.

OmniClinic was built to ameliorate these problems. It is a mobile app that allows clinicians to browse actionable data from connected EHRs. It also sends notifications at the transitions of care. The notification feature is highly customizable to the needs and preferences of the individual user. OmniClinic allows hospitals to push discharge summaries and other types of healthcare data to participating clinicians. Healthcare providers can exchange data directly with other colleagues on the OmniClinic network. OC also comes with a scheduler that can be integrated with the practice or hospital scheduling system. The scheduler shows patient bookings and the clinicians call schedule in one convenient calendar. Not only can OmniClinic integrate information from disparate sources and display it in a streamlined fashion on ALL mobile platforms, it also supports regular web broswers, and can lead to improved data security, cost savings and higher satisfaction scores.