iLabs Medical LLC is a physician-led company dedicated to the advancement of health information technology. 


Our main product, OmniClinic®, is a mobile enterprise HIE interface for clinicians. is a prototype system for patient and clinician communication that takes advantage of social networking features to improve patient engagement and satisfaction. We also offer security and encryption software for healthcare databases and file systems, secure file sharing software, mobile device management products and other custom solutions for healthcare organizations. 


We are passionate about software innovation in healthcare. We strive to develop software that works FOR clinicians and consumers, not the other way round. Our physicians are involved in the product design and implementation process from inception to post go-live user testing. Some of our physicians have engineering backgrounds and write code themselves. We subject our own software to the same type of rigourous clinical trials usually reserved for medications, and are always open to implementation of end-user suggestions and refinements. With over 100 years of combined clinical experience, our doctors are uniquely positioned to contribute to the ever growing field of medical information technology.


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iLabs Medical LLC
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